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Sunday, 19 January 2020


I am glad to announce that the Spark that started last year Jan 02, 2019 in Ado-Odo now spread like wildfire in the Land. I am pleased to say the Initiative that started last year continued its initiation this year on Jan 02, 2020, initiating hundreds of Youth into the light it has brought. What a beautiful sight to behold.
To give a detailed report of this beautiful occasion would be like writing a 365 pages book for a publication because of the fun-filled activities that wrapped the package into a beautiful gift from the BARDLIFE team. You know when your dream becomes a reality, you heart has no choice than to be in serenity.
The program was split into various sections including: Panel Sessions, Comedy, Music, Dance and most especially Spoken Word Poetry Performances. The comperes, Ayo Babatunde Raphael and Amusa Amina(Meenar) gave in their best to propound all the chemistry of the program. I could vividly remember the song Ayo Raphael taught us “In Ado welcome, let us welcome……” Only those who sang this song will know what I am talking about, a humorous song to usher in performers. The call, the response and the Performers have nothing on their lips than smiles anytime this is done. The comperes displayed their exhibits of expertise in their profession.
I, as a person, will always want to sit 24 hours with good Soul Music as food to feed my ears and mind. “Afefe Ire”  by Egbeola Caroline , known as Lyne Peniel, is what I see as the best performance of the Event. A high tension electric wire cannot electrify the crowd to the level they were electrified with the amazing song rendered by this beautiful young girl. That performance was the post – event - talk of the day when it comes to the Soul Music session. Other performers were SunFab Da Richest with his sweet voice, the sensational soloist, Queen Feranmi and others.
The scion of moonwalking drummers, Ayansola sent waves of his talking drum into the bones and hearts of the crowd. The performance left everybody awestricken, even Poetic Celebrities like BankHALL, Kemistree, Paul Word left their celebrity status to "carry their body" to the rhythm released into the air by this drummer. Ayansola made it into the hearts of many and the hall was green-lit into Dancing mode.

Great men and women were engaged in panel sessions which left every attendee of the program with a knowledge or two on the principles to know while walking the road to success. Politicians and Icons like Hon. Kola Lamidi Muyideen KLM, Engr. Alade Musibau Jimoh, Barrister Nudegbesi Mike Olorunwa, Mrs. Balikis Omolara ADEDIRAN, Omoyele Opemiposi, Ayankojo Ayanniyi AJ7, Agbeto, and others, educated the audience on matters of success, politics, youths, women, and society.
Finally, the Spoken Word performances put petrol into the existing fire inside the heart of the attendees. Poet Loaded Akinwemimo displayed his prowess in Yoruba Poetry (Ewi) beautifully with his voice rendering traditionally the words, as if he never spoke English language before. The Silifa Ye Seranu crooner, Alberto Okuti gave the crowd another style of poetry, even his unique voice as he spoke those words is another style in Spoken Word itself.

With something the indigenes could relate with, Jahismine recited a poem on Hope to the people of the Land titled “A NEW ATMOSPHERE” giving everybody something to talk about in this section after the program. The Samurai was not found wanting behind the mic as he showed the world the stuff he was made of. When he said '" I planted this poetree on this soil..."  He called for peace and collective efforts of the people of Ado-Odo to develop the community. He used his poetry to make them understand why this oneness will bring a new atmosphere.
The award winning poetess and multi poetry slam champion, Kemi Bakare popularly known as Kemistree held the mic and held the heart of everybody with her performance, even time lost concentration with her performance. Paul Word with his words drove the crowd into another realm of spoken word poetry performance, it pains me that dictionaries are yet to produce the words I would use to describe his tremendous performance. BankHALL, with his trademark "Musical Urban Poetry" was not left behind as he came from behind to call everybody behind to the front and the celebratory mood he threw everyone into gave the behind of everybody a reason to shake in happiness.
It was all an awesome experience, one that will always be fresh in the heart of indigenes and non - indigenes of the land till the next season comes again and the people renew their memories. This historic eveny was graced by eminent personalities like Alhaji Sarafadeen, Engr. Alagbe sa'eed Olabisi, Reverend Adedokun, and many other icons.
Glory be to Almighty God for the success of HomeWord: A NEW ARTMOSPHERE. May Jah be praised for the praise people praised the conveners of this breathtaking event. And we beg for his infinite mercy to make next year a more successful one

Jahismine O.
15 January, 2020.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019


At the sight of "Poets Funtasia", what comes to mind is, "these poetry people again...". Well, this time around it's a "LOOK-GOODIN GET-TOGETHER PARTY" where Creatives and non-creatives come together to learn, relearn, unwind, eat, drink, network.

It's a deluxe (second) edition and we assure you that it promises to fun-filled. Your lips should be salivating by now, 'cos there's provision for African dishes like Ifokore, Ofe-Owerri, Ofe Nsala and the likes, ice cream, palm wine and a whole lot more.
Where and when is it happening?22, Duduyemi Street, Beside Karimu Laka Street, Egbeda Bus,Egbeda, Lagos. Time: 12noon Date: 26th December 2019. See flyers and video jingles for details

Freezin Paul performing
"WHEN  A MAN LOVES A WOMAN" at Poets Funtasia 1.0 (2018)

Faces at Poets Funtasia 1.0

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Thursday, 11 July 2019


The spoken word concert "POETRY INVASION' 19" which was held at Red-i Studio, Adeoti Street, Egbeda Lagos, Nigeria was more than just an event, it was indeed an invasion. Although scheduled for 3:00pm on Sunday 30th June 2019 was somewhat delayed and commenced at about 4:00pm on the said date.

Theresa Akpati "Oracle" delivering invasive lines
BwriteWord Spirit-filled ministration

Olubusola on fire

Birthday poetry recitation (L-R: Sissy and 78Psalmist)

It started with one of Lagos 'classiest" female Emcee; Sissy (CEO, Sissy Plans) the host alongside KC PWESH. It was however lovely that her birthday was on that same day, June 30th.  Sissy erupted a resounding applause from the audience with her heartwarming welcome speech; also dropping highlights on what POETRY INVASION promises to offer before she invited Bold Seth; a poet and spoken word artiste to lead in the opening prayer. To the amazement of everyone, his words of prayer took a poetic form! Hence, rather than just snapping of fingers, everyone had to bow heads to connect with the 'higher forces' as Bold Seth kept using words with bold fonts to pray. Poems can truly be prayers!

Mrs. Nkechi Kunle-Komolafe

The event took interesting dimensions every passing second. After the opening  prayer: Sissy remarked, that she felt something that she's never felt before while Seth was praying,  of course  many others from the congregation would not have been left out of this 'feeling'. Nevertheless, as necessity would have it, KC PWESH; the event's curator was invited to relay the aim of the event, as well as pray, and that was exactly what he did.

As if to say, Get-Set-To-INVADE - Otor Matthew, one of the Guest Ministers mounted the stage, invading hearts with his electric performance that left a  number of the audience with tears hovering around their eye balls. It is not out of place to state that, Otor's words got Sissy close to tears, as well as so many others from the congregation. OtorMatthew's ministration was followed by other  ministers ranking from spoken word poetry rendition to music. In all, the event was indeed an INVASION as God used people like Chidinmar Osigwe to talk against the effects of Masturbation which is fast becoming one common vice  among young people.

I will not forget to mention that Poetic Samurai, a Guest Minister likewise gave a fantastic performance that hit the nail on the head of depression, inspired by series of suicides and attempted suicides in the society, especially amongst young people. Mind-searching performances awed the congregation; and to be very particular; Ayomide Akintimehin got both guest ministers and the audience dancing passionately to the infectious melody oozing from his brand of simple and super-sweet saxophone music, pictures speak volume here...

Dancing time...

, BwriteWord, Penawd, Queen Zionelle (crazy Soloist/Guitarist), BankHALL, Olubusola, and even the Oracle all with their unique styles of delivery made the Invasion worth the name tag..

Let me add that history will not forgive me if i fail to include the exploit of that poetic Punster (I guess you would be startled if I had to say that since it's a “Christocentric” gathering -what is a punster doing there?) Well, this person is known so far for the way he makes puns out of virtually every word he utters, he calls himself "78thPsalmist". His performance was exceptionally stunning. 78thPsalmist is in reality,  the Biblical Psalmist.

Poethic Samurai

Bold Seth

Inspirational Marvel
Dramatic BankHALL
Chidinmar Osigwe
Oyedokun Ibukun PENAWD

...master guitarist; Queen Zionelle on the strings...

Drawing the curtains for the day, beautiful moment for Sissy's birthday celebration anchored by that very articulate Musical Urban Poet; Bankole Kolawole "BankHALL:" (as fondly called) who himself was a Guest Minister. He gave interesting insights into  memories he had of the celebrant dating few years back, their journey of taking poetry around cities in Nigeria and lots more after which he gave room for 78thPsalmist to serenade the celebrant in a trademark funky punny style, effortlessly calling for this 'brotherly' or is it "Sissy..tally' hug from Sissy after his closing lines.

Sissy in a 'sisterly' hug with 78th Psalmist

Other side attractions include group photographs, cake cutting, dance, exchange of gifts. To say the least, every one present had a feel of "Agape Love" shown through poetry. 

As Jesus started and ended with prayer, POETRY INVASION wasn't an exception as  KC PWESH led the closing prayer with a closing remark, expressing gratitude for unflinching support to all attendees, Guest Couple of The Day Mr. and Mrs. Kunle Komolafe of Komsons Studio (the conveners of Wordaholics; a monthly sundry talent event) who also graced the event not only with their presence but also offering a succinct, insightful and soul searching talk on the theme "AGAPE" (This was delivered by Mrs. Komson.) He concluded, announcing that, what was seen as such an artistic flair from all  invited guest artistes is just an  'itsy-bitsy' of what is to come in the following year and I must confess, with this Yoruba saying a bow that moves its string backwards is coming with full force. Shalom!

(July 11, 2019.)

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