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Monday, 6 November 2017

IBK is a god!

Spoken word poetry is gradually becoming household in the home of Nigerian entertainment industry, very educating, inspiring and entertaining.

Here DeMasquerMedia decides to shoot Ibukun Ajagbe (IBK)'s first ever spoken word video, "WHO HE REALLY IS" having found her GCGT wining performance published on SoundOfSages (SOS) facebook page (

 We bring you a preview copy of IBK's WHO HE REALLY IS...


In this Godly relationship 
He doesn't just test you like a test tube with no use
He doesn't twist words like a tongue twister but tutors you without confusing you so don't just test the technique of my tenses 
Better yet tap into the testament of my testimony without tapping out from the tent of the Almighty 
He is the Alpha that takes us far
The Mighty God in battle who does not wrestle but settles 
He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He can never be bribed like Judas 
Even at the sight of the state of the economy he can never betray use for pieces of silver like Judas Iscariot
He is the King who forgives and told us to forgive 70 x 7 times that even when the dock crowed twice and Peter denied Jesus thrice. He didn't revenge despite
He is a God of commitment
He won't come to you with signs of retreat or run his way away like sonic cause he would fit perfectly in your heart without being claustrophobic 
And he would fix your brokenness like an orthopedics

Don't just search for him in Lagos when He is wider than the expanse of Eti-Osa
Stop seeking for a sign of lightening when He is not the god of Sango neither does He reside in Oyo 
He is not a surgeon but touches every part of our sick bones as our saviour for his spirit to swim and sink deep for an atmosphere to sit in 
Now let's watch as he purposely plucks out pain piercing out skin to its peak giving us a place of peace to heal

There is no healing without God's touch so romantic it soothes my heart
He is a God of free and fair and doesn't judge you based on what you wear, right jeans, ripped jeans but a trace of his genes when he created US right from genesis
He is the Prince of peace who has made us his masterpiece 
I is the eternal rock of ages who does not age nor change
He is the lile of the valley who gives blessing to the belly
He is a God who doesn't work with time yet he never delays like Nigerian time
He is a God of oxygen who exhaled so I can inhale the breath of the maker because U is the way maker. Romantic lover, compassionate father out contender
He is a lot of things that my head cannot comprehend
HE is not a shooter without aim but arrests the enemy without nail
HE is the trinity, the three in 1 unity. The father the son and the Holy Spirit

Our superhero unit who saves us from all out enemy so we could live for eternity without a penalty
We need to embrace his sovereignty 
We shouldn't stand still when he hasn't made us a mannequin
Let's boast in His glory cause he has given us a perfect story 
Our History is now a direct opposite of His Story
So if you ever feel worried terrified horrified depressed rejected confused scared and doubt his goodness
He needs you to remember that He is the I am that i am
And I am has sent me to tell you 
It is okay 
'Cos he is God.

Editor's Note
Ibukun Ajagbe(IBK) is a 17-year old spoken word poet residing in the suburbs of Lagos-Island, Nigeria. She was the winner of WarOfWords Season 5 Slam Poetry Competition (2015), competing against some of Nigeria's best spoken word poets like Bankole Kolawole (BankHALL), James Ademuyiwa (JamesConco), Adetimehin Inioluwa Victor Vic'Adex Wome Uyeye, Lawal Kafayat Gold and many other word beaters time and space won't permit mentioning. She (IBK) came 2nd Runner-Up at God's Children Great Talent (GCGT) TV Reality Talent Show; performing poetry amongst many other contestants with diverse talents. Her journey into spoken word started around 2014 when she won Onkowe TalkTheWord Poetry Slam competition alongside Adeola Adegoke.
She is a Christian who loves words, believing God created the world with His Word and with His Word, she can change the world.

Watch this space for IBK's next spoken word video!

Thanks for viewing!

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