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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


SOS Poetry Slam 1.0 was indeed a revelation of revolution in the art of spoken word poetry in Nigeria, from the first-of-its-kind stage design made of painted tyres, African prints etc to the surprising finalists. To say this art of spoken poetry is fast becoming a Bolt in the sprint is not an over-emphasized hyperbole.

 It comes with entertainment, mesmerizing rhymes, motivation and most conspicuous is its ability to invoke emotions, cursing the audience to shed genuine tears, far from the Crocodile kind-of-trick.

That moment! - Stand Up for the champion, Oloruntobiloba Abiodun with his cheque takes a pose with SOS crew at SOS Poetry Slam 1.0
L-R- two contestants, SunSamPaul and Fr33zinPaul (right) goes on a friendly rhyme battle at the red carpet segment of SOS PoetrySlam 1.0

 If SOS Poetry Slam was a bomb, this time around, expect an explosion with media partnerships from some of Nigeria's biggest online news and entertainment outfits, coupled with lots of consolation prizes, even for the attendees.

L-R: 1st Runner-Up, McNaevetes with SOS exponent Paul Word at SOS Poetry Slam 1.0

  You are tired of being tagged a 'budding poet' even when you got the words that paints eight to the rainbow's seven..  or it's your friend, friend's friend, enemy, brother, lover, cousin or in-law that has got these qualities, SOS has got you and/or him/her that opportunity to be crowned a Champion. Simply send "SOS POETRY SLAM 2.0" as the subject of an email to with the below information:

Stage Name:
Instagram/Twitter handle:
Facebook Name:
Bank Name:
Account Name:
Account Number
The request for your bank details is to enable us credit your account, should you emerge any of the top three finalists.

Follow us on Instagram/Twitter: @soundofsages for more details.

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