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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


IBK slaying words at the Word War front #WarOfWords5


Can you introduce yourself to us? (Full name, State of origin, Marital status, Occupation.) 
My name is Ibukun Ajagbe, I am from Oyo State and I'm obviously not married, single and youthful. A poet is who I am.
Kindly share with us how growing from a kid into teenage years, and now as a celebrity?
Growing up as a kid came with aspirations, goals which haven't really been accomplished because of my "back then"  mentality but now as a teenager, I'm able to accomplish goals and dreams. Being a celebrity to say, is a good title but I've decided to maintain being who I am.
What is your Educational Background?
My educational background is not much of a failure, still in school and doing well like every other teenager, still I'm in school.

We understand you were the Winner of WarOfWords Season 5 Slam Poetry Competition, beating some of the hottest word wigglers in Nigeria to the game, also 2nd Runner-Up at God’s Children Great Talent (GCGT) Reality TV show recently, what were you feeling like during and after those competitions? Winning War of Words and being the 2nd runner up of God's Children Great Talent gave me joy, though both competitions were tough, having to compete with awesome, talented people, quite scary but I'm glad at what my gift from God has done for me and where it has brought me to.

How do you combine school work with poetry writing/performances?
Ibukun Ajagbe (center), always a winner with Adeola Adegoke 2nd Position and 3rd Position
@Onkowo TalkTheWOrd Poetry Slam (2015)
School is obviously stressful but how I deal with both school and my poetry is making school come first, yes and during my spare time I write, I write sometimes to release tension. Being called for a performance doesn't really affect school, even if it does, I try to catch up.

Now that you are a public figure, how do you handle fame, honour invitations to perform here and there?
Now that I've become a public figure, handling fame is what I've put in the hands of God so I'm really good to go and whatever invitations I get, I honor it, as long as it doesn't contradict my Faith in God and as long as it doesn't affect school.

IBK at GCGT Season 5 (2016)
What inspired you into spoken word poetry?
The thing that inspired me to becoming a poet isn't really a fairytale story , I attended spoken word classes in my church and I got the privilege to do it as a profession, thanks to my mentor - Aunty Atilola.

What are your favorite themes?
My favourite themes would be about love and God, respectively, they both have a lot to say
privilege to do it as a profession.

What do you do at leisure time?
What I do during my leisure time, well I either listen to songs, text, write or worship.

Do you engage in any other form of art aside poetry?
Besides poetry I find dance interesting and also singing.

Do you have any upcoming spoken word audio/ video? If Yes, Please tell us about it.
I have no spoken word audio or video yet but I hope to shoot one sometimes.

What are your plans for career, say 5 to ten years time?
My plans for my career is to be an inspirational speaker and a poet.

What words do you have for your fans out there?
To people who love what I do, or who love writing, know who you are, discipline yourself to perfection which can only happen with God and also be sincere, you can imagine things which could have happened to anyone, be imaginative, be original, be deep and in that deepness, be honest because poetry is honest.
Thank you for your time.

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